May. 7th, 2015

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At last, I've had my next "teaching dream" that is supposed to help me work on my hidden issues (and chronic ill health, apparently.)

To begin with, I found myself in the lobby of a great hotel in a busy city. People moving and talking and working everywhere! It was crazy busy. A black woman rose from the floor, facing me directly, and I immediantly recognized her as one of my Guides. (The others take the forms of Andie McDowell, Mimi Rogers, & Lena Olin for some reason.) It was this gorgeous African American actress who was popular in the late 70s and 80s, though recently we mostly see her in TV commercials. She always wears her hair natural and very short, and she has exotic eyes. I have never held a particular interest in this actress, just as is the case with Andie McDowell, Mimi Rogers, and Lena Olin, but for whatever reason, she takes the image of this person. (**By the way, I've figured out the "code" to my Guides. More later.) Anyway, this Guide, a wise and older woman, literally emerged magically from the floor and faced me. She told me that the answers I sought in this Quest would be found down below, and she directed me to go down into the subways.  I was to find something. What's more, I was to be "in disguise" so that none of my Shadows or Rays could recognize me. Apparently, if they see me down there, they tend to try to engage me, and I needed to go on a spy mission of sorts, from what my Guide told me.

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Last thing I wanted to mention-- the cameo appearance of 2 repeating dreams figures. Vex and Brannon. I have to wonder: what the HELL was my Shadow Brother negotiating with a Diplomat for? What would he want with a messenger from my digestive system? Hmmm? Weirdness. And he's normally so regal and dignified-- and yet here I was seeing him seemingly selling out and behaving most dishonorably with some factor of my inner physcial workings. Rather suspicious, eh?  Brannon, who looks like Tom Welling incidentally, and some others not recounted, regarded Vex's actions with outright disgust. So whatever Vex was doing, it must have been pretty bad to upset Brannon so much. I'm curious, but I'll have to investigate further into this matter later.


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