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Dreams of Prostitution

[Original June 2007]

I awoke from a rather different sort of a dream for me-- first I hired and then WAS a prostitute!

The dream began with me walking down along a covered walkway somewhere in Nevada in an area where protitution was legalized. I was in an area like a bunch of 1 story hotel rooms with hookers for hire within. I passed several johns and their hired sex-workers. I ignored them all, acting very casual, very non-judgmental, even though inwardly I winced when I saw a 12 year old girl pulling a 14 year old boy into her room. I just kept walking, intent upon my own goal.

I glanced into my hands and I had two numbers, on key-tags, # 2 and # 3. When I reached the right room, I was ushered inside by 2 women. One of their clients was just leaving-- a man. I was their next customer. I came in and sat down and wondered what I should ask for... I didn't want to do anything really sexual out of fear of contamination from some STD or something. I got this "free" service for some reason-- as if I won a contest or something, because this wasn't normally my "thing." I had decided to ask for a "sensual massage." That would feel really good. I told them what I wanted-- and ended up on some sort of giant beanbag bed! 

Before the massage got going, though, some new clients and hookers were coming in, and it seems I was set up-- in fact, I was there to service some really wealthy silver-haired dude! I looked out the window and an older gentleman was stepping out of a Rolls Royce type vintage vehicle-- I think it was aqua color. From a distance, he didn't look bad or anything, and it was kind of flattering for anyone to go to such lengths just because they wanted sex with ME... but!

I took off out the back door, running across grassy hills and fields with my would-be lover/john in pursuit. He used his car and the roads, however, so I had the distinct advantage of being able to out-maneuver him. I ducked into this old abandoned house-- and it turned out to be haunted by the ghosts of angry children. They had captured a bunch of cats and made them live upside down....  The cats could actually live on the ceiling and the bottoms of furniture because the ghost made gravity backwards for the cats, so that in the house the cats fell UP. Total weirdness! The cats were a nervous bunch, let me tell you!

INTERP: Ah- this one isn't very flattering. It seems that when I make a 'deal' and its my turn to 'pay up' I run away from the responsibility. The reason is related to deep anger from my childhood, of feeling like I have already paid enough? The cats-- are all about super high levels of anxiety I can tell. "Like a cat on a ceiling." I'm afraid I can't handle the give and take of adult power plays due to some screwy issues.

LATER NOTE: I am greatly amused now that I'm learning about archetype aspects and how everyone has an "Inner Prostitute." I think I can check that off my list with a "Confirmed."