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[Original post July 2007]

I am beginning to have amazing dreams again and the one I had this morning was excellent. In it, I was at a Faire, an SCA type of event, making my way as a sort of psychic-hustler (a real psychic who tried to get people to part with a little more of their money than they perhaps might have to begin with.) The dream started off with me just enjoying socializing with fellow gypsies and dancers and readers at the Faire...

I was delighted to run into some guy playing a ranger named "Vance" or some such thing. Everyone knew of him, he was one of those fringe-group near-celebrities that tend to haunt such events. I thought he was hot, though, and planned to ask him to my tent (hubba hubba!) But I couldn't find him when sunset came and I sought out my campsite. So I went off to the area I found. 

It was the very beginning of Faire, with mostly vendors and such setting up, and there was an area still mainly empty (the entire Faire was fenced in with propped up wooden fences.)  I had found a large section of fence missing in this still unused part of the Faire and was camping behind it on this nice outcrop overlooking a copse of woods and a stream down below. My cousin Lisa and her hubby Cullen were there, so it seemed in this alternate life of the dream we were still on speaking terms. (In addition, I was single and not married and had a different name and all that.) After checking in with them and helping, I left to go seach for my ranger guy. It was now dusk.

I saw a strange man wearing a bowler hat approach me in this empty area of mainly weeds and earth. He seemed to be checking out the Faire grounds and he and I ended up in a "session" where I did psychic readings on him. He was so pleased he paid me in gold! Then, he bent down and looked at me, and I saw his eyes were not normal-- they were very much dilated and odd. I knew he wasn't any ordinary human then, and I was taken aback. He said, "You may keep the gold I gave you, you certainly earned it, but take this penny too-- for luck. It's worth more than the gold."

And he was right, I knew, but I couldn't say why. He held it up for me to see. It was a giant copper coin, like an Irish penny-- silver dollar sized-- and had a lyre on one side and a toad on the other. He made sure I saw the images on each side of the coin before pressing the coin into my hand. I thanked him.

The dream jumped to a few days later, further into the Faire. I had found my ranger and he was with me in my tent every night now, and I was quite jolly about this. I met with a bunch of more "normal" women (not deep Faire insiders like me) having a good time, laughing and having a luncheon. They talked about how they needed a psychic medium for something, and I mentioned casually that I was one-- "not a really GOOD one, but passable I think," I told them. Just then an ENORMOUSLY pregnant woman came into the large tent pavillion, and she joked that she had to press her belly into people so she could bless them. The woman was SO gravid as to be absurd, and the notion of being touched by her was more than a little off-putting. So she pressed her belly to one woman and then another while I watched wide-eyed. What was this all about, anyway? And then I hunched and turned as she pressed her belly against me. She said, "I'm giving my blessing to... the THIRD one I touched." Which was me.

And then I awoke.It was a very long and involved dream. More like living a second life it went on so long!

I'm sure I know what the dream means. It seemed to convey good fortune all around. The penny I took to mean excellent luck with my "muse" (the lyre) and my health (the toad.)  He was giving me a blessing of sorts, apparently because my ability to come up with stories for my "hustle" while yet still genuinely helping people (at the Faire in the dream) impressed him. I believe he's some sort of "Shadow Guide" if there is such a thing. An aspect of the Jester, who is the Light side of the Dark Trickster. The gravid woman seemed to be blessing me with fertility, but in other dreams-- its never about actual reproduction, but rather about creative output. Writing mostly. I "give birth" to my creative writing projects.

I used to get the Jester egg every year when we picked eggs from a basket for my pagan group. 4 years in a row! There was usually 8 to 12 eggs (depending upon how many people were there) and I got the damned Jester egg without fail! I came to dread it and the other members were vastly amused. I took the hint and set out to learn about the Trickster in his many forms (including Crow and Fox, by the way!) 

The Dreamquest dreams often have Guides, and some are identifiable by the colors they use in rose symbols. The Jester has rainbows and multiple colors and metallics (gold/silver) so I bet he's the Crown Chakra Guide!! WEIRDNESS. The symbolism completely fits this whole system that seems to be already in place, and yet who would have thunk it?!?

(I should get a confirming dream if I've figured it out. Guides are great about that type of thing.)

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