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[Original post April 2008]

Apparently, I am advancing in my dream work in a very serious way. That healing of the 2 Rays must have jump-started all kinds of changes throughout my subconscious! I noticed the very next morning that my dreams were changing dramatically. Over the last week or so, I've begun a new story pattern, and many of the familiar elements of my dreams are "relenting" at last.

The most dramatic example of these changes came to me this morning at dawn. I was dreaming that I was living in the old Star Motel of my 15th year. I have been visiting this place in my dreams for years! It's where the father Ray killed a bunch of my child aspects many years ago (or-- more precisely-- suppressed them into Shadowdom and then sent them to live with mean Rays.) It looks like a one-story, roadside motel common to the side of highways in more remote areas. It's bleak, rundown, and uber-creepy. There's often majorly terrible and melodramatic stories going on in dreams at that dream location, and I am often dodging serial killers or avoiding madmen, or dealing with travelers who have terrible attitudes (when I help run the motel.)

THIS time I noticed: It was winter (which it's never been before) and night, and the motel was finally closing down and plans were in the works to tear the old place down. I made the decision to turn off the Vacancy sign and stop accepting guests. I accepted a bunch of empty boxes from other Aspects who came by to help me move. And I went outside and cuddled up in an old VW bug, wrapped in blankets and watching the snow fall as I waited for another aspect to come join me so we could proceed with our permanent move out of the motel. It was a bizarre moment when I finally became lucid for just a few minutes-- and it was when I was sitting in that old car, looking out the back window (which I realized was missing-- the car wasn't working, apparently, and I was just taking a temporary break in it.) I watched the snow fall, realizing I was in a dream, complimenting my own artistic creative side for the lovely scene, and feeling a real sense of peace.

One of the last scenes of the dream I was opening up a newspaper that had just been delivered. I saw stories about my life all over it, but one small one caught my eye to the far right of the front page: It was the story told by yet another of my Aspects who had tried to seduce and play around with one of the more naive and romantically inclined Elves (who are a new and purposefully created element in my dreams!) and got kicked out of the Elven Enclave for it. He mentioned running into an Aspect (it actually SAID the word "aspect" in the newspaper!) that was very musically inclined-- a young man named "Tryst"-- that the Elves found precious and so they were encouraging his creativity!!

Wow! That means that other suppressed creative Shadows are being rescued and nurtured by the Elves!! Without me directing the process consciously like I had to the first time! I can't tell you how absolutely awesome that is!

Meanwhile, the creepy, threatening "haunts" of my dark and painful youth are losing their power in my dreaming mind world. All to the good and very hopeful signs of my progress! 

LATER NOTE: I never had another father murders kids at motel dream again-- so yeah!
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