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[From Nov. 2009]

I just awoke from a very strange dream-- fun and bizarre.

Lately, I've had a thing for Cillian Murphy. What can I say-- he's tasty, but also intriguing-- a deadly combination for my libido it would seem! Anyway, I was dreaming that I was younger, in my 20s, and meeting with my boyfriend who just happened to look like Cillian. We were basically exploring this little town in Ireland somewhere.
I realized this was the strange Faery Jester man from a dream I had a long time ago, and awoke.

This Aspect is one I'm not well familiar with. He's like a wild card-- a maverick or rogue before McCain and Palin ruined those terms. He's playful, but loving towards me. Though he might seem frightening because of his great power... I find him reassuring for some reason. Him jumping into Cillian's role in my dream made me laugh, but also touched my heart a little. I can't help but notice that both in his bowler hat and top hat he's got a thing for the whole IRISH theme. Duly noted.

Also, he seems too powerful, wise, and weird to be an Aspect. I have come to believe he's a Sliver Chakra Guide. He has all these odd ways to point things out to me and 'make a bigger picture out of the pieces'. At first, I was a bit uncomfortable with him, but I've come to learn how helpful and good at teaching me he really is.
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