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Welcome To Tranquility Seekers


(If all you see is this one post, look to the right and click the link marked "Recent Entries" and you will get in to see the normal site with all entries accessible.)

This is a blog for everyone to check in to to see what's going on-- news of the group, as well as a place to comment and discuss various topics, including the workbook assignments. There is space to comment and you can comment anonymously (don't have to have a dreamwidth account) but please do sign your comments with either your first name or a nickname you choose to identify yourself by.

Dreamwidth is free, though one can upgrade to a paid account. And it doesn't get slammed by spam. A big plus compared to some sites. Its easy to access, but fairly private because not many would stumble across this site. That said, if anyone DOES happen to stumble across this blog, and its pertinent to YOU, you're welcome to join the discussion, so long as you do so respectfully.

That said, some really basic ground rules (which are now in the blog profile):

1. For safety reasons, only use your first name or a nickname/penname here. Many have been or are dealing with stalkers and predators, so caution on a public site is the only option.

2. Also for safety, please use fake names or code names for other people or places. Large cities like Portland can be named, but anything more specific-? Use a code name. Since we'll be together in person and through phone and email, the rest of us will know what you're talking about.

3. Gentle respect at all times to all members of this group! Most here are in various states of fragility and that must be acknowledged with patience. No flaming, trolling, or overt drama-provoking will be tolerated here. This is to be a safe place for all Tranquility Seekers.

Thank you for making this a part of your life-- we are all contributing to improving mental health and quality of life in this endeavor.

~ And I'm Larissa!

P.S. This was started a while ago to deal with issues surrounding recovering from predation by sociopaths, but I'm adding to it as a place to do dream work, self-development, etc.