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tranquilityseekers ([personal profile] tranquilityseekers) wrote2015-12-28 06:43 pm
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New Dreamwork Direction For This Blog

I joined a support group about 8 weeks ago and enjoyed what I learned there and the people I met there so much that I wanted to shift gears a little for this particular blog to fit what I've been working on lately.

Its funny to look back at the beginning of 2015 and realize how sassy and ready to tackle the world I was then as compared to now. Now I've been hit with a new blow and need to dig down and find more and better inner resources to meet what's happening.

Luckily, in my personal private blog, I've been keeping track of some inner work via dreaming that's been expanded upon lately, and I can share what I've learned there -- here! I'll start step by step with what has been a journey of more than 8 years. (But dreamwork waxes and wanes over time, sometimes active, other times I don't remember any for weeks or even months at a time.)

I moderate, but if anyone wants to submit something of their own, comments allow for anonymous (non-dreamwidth users) to do so and if you want to submit a piece of your own, just email druidsraven @ (but without spaces, obviously!)

Below this intro, you'll find back-dated entries of previous years work. I'll add several new articles every other week or so until I've caught up to present (which will take a little time...) Feel free to ask questions or add your own examples or reactions.

And-- thanks for reading!