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[Original post April 2007]

Goodness, but I'm having a bunch of memorable dreams lately! It's like dreams that are lucid or even remembered come in waves and then I'm back to not remembering my dreams again for awhile.

Last night I had one where I snuck in to a secret meeting of my Rays. Hey-- I know they 'spy' on me (and who is 'ME' in this system, anyway?) and so turn-about is fair play, right?

and you know how I've said that a bunch of my Rays (which are internalized programs I've gottan from parents and school and various other authorities in my life) are seemingly militaristic? Yeah, well-- they've always been really annoying, white-bread, suburbanite, tight-assed characters (I can't believe a part of me is LIKE that! I'm outraged!) who all seem to work at some hum drum blah military organization. 

This lastest dream I went to showed me differently. Because the secret meeting turned out to be a NAZI thing! (I'm all semi-lucid in the dream going, "What the HELL!?") I'm serious. We're talking 40s black uniforms complete with the red armbands-- (but not the swastika, some other symbol, which I could not yet make out.) To my astonishment, as I stood by a pillar in this underground Grand Hall, wearing my 40s dress, like a girlfriend of one of the military people, I watched a whole stage production going into action, with lights, cameras, sound check! Then, if that wasn't bad enough, a short man with a fake tiny mustache came in smiling and charming, and everyone was all ga-ga to see the guy, and it was a little Hitler look-alike!  I couldn't get close enough to see him really well, but from a distance it seemed to me that he was a little too hairy-headed, and a little too femme looking-- and, if anything, looked a bit suspiciously like my mother! HUMMMMM!  

Then things got interesting, a blue screen was set up against the wall for Hitler to face, and everyone else crowded around behind him, so it appeared he was facing the wall with his back to us. I asked about it, and a woman explained that was to make sure it appeared on the screen (which was like a camera) that the Leader had the backing of all these people. He was about to make some announcements, and I felt nauseated and left the scene and the dream-- but I never forgot it.

Seems the Rays have a whole "control thing" all set up, smooth as silk, to manipulate how I, the conscious mind, perceives things in the internal monitor role. Makes me very suspicious of my own critical internal voices, let me tell you!

Much later, early this morning, I dreamt that Shannon Dougherty was swimming in a pond getting tiny mermaids to help her find hidden clues and treasures under the water. I have a suspicion about the meaning of that one, as it should indicate diving into my emotional life to learn important things. Seems apropos.


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