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[From April 2008]

Given my last breakthrough in the dreaming world, I was eager to see if there would be any discernable shifts in my dreaming patterns afterwards. IF I truly figured something significant out, then the repeating aspect of the Yuppie Ray Neighborhood should disappear and something new should come forward.

Just the very next morning, I got my answer! 

This morning I awoke from a dream in which I was walking around and exploring a clausterphobically situated yet nearly deserted port-city and it's tenement neighborhood. The buildings were all cast in grays and browns, everything seemed to be about 3 to 4 stories tall (like in much older sections of most cities) and there was a look of aged neglect. 

I was wandering about, various things popping in and out as they do in most dreams, when a small, white car whizzed by-- stopped, and then started doing all these crazy maneuvers-- including shifting it's size and shape like no ordinary vehicle could ever do. I saw it had writing in SILVER on it's side like cab companies do that read: ORB EXPRESS. And that broke me into the "lucid" zone where I realized that was a dream car-- the white color and "orb" being cues from a Higher Self Guide that this was the next segment of my on-going Dream Quest.

Once I was firmly "awake" in the dream, I allowed the dream to manifest as it would to see what would happen. A woman got out of the white car, but she wasn't Mimi White. Instead, it was a lady in a mustard colored dress (yellow chakra Guide?!) and she came out, and began talking to me about "the next client." I was soon to meet the person in question, as a shabbily dressed woman wearing a sort of loud fushia and tight jeans came walking across the street, and she seemed very low class-- like a prostitute or something. She had with her a little girl dressed in lemon yellow, who seemed shy. I tried to speak with the young girl, realizing the atmosphere she was in wasn't ideal for her. The "social worker" in dark yellow and I followed both of them up the stairs to their tiny apartment to talk about various and sundry, and then the alarm went off, prematurely waking me from the dream.

THIS scenario seems completely turned around from the one I just bested.

The White Car with Silver-- acting crazy-- was a delivery from spirit (White) via the Silver Crown "Jester" Chakra. He (seems to manifest as male so far) helped trigger my changed view of things within the dream.

The low-class, garish woman was an obvious Shadow (repressed! repressed! ME act "low-class"? NEV-AIR! *sniff*) [LATER NOTE: A Prostitute Archetype!] and she held sway over an apparent undeveloped Ray-- who manifested as a child! In Yellow! Which, combined with the Gold of the social worker, would indicate that I will be addressing my fundamental problems with my Yellow Chakra at last. (Yellow solar-plexus chakra is associated with status, social power, personal will, etc.) I'm guessing my ability to use social power is under-developed, like the child the Prostitute was protecting/raising.

The switch between neighborhoods is also striking. At least some of my Shadows live in mental constructs that resemble slums-- only the old style kind you'd expect from the 1920s to the 1940s. It was a bit Lovecraftian, actually-- which will make the exploration that much more engaging. (Why is it Shadows always live in really cool places and Rays don't, anyway? It's pretty funny, actually

Looks like my next set of dreams will be quite interesting!


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