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[From Jan. 2009]

I haven't had any interesting dreams to report in quite some time, but that changed Sunday  morning. I had a long and rather involved dream that only upon awakening did I realize was pulling in symbols from an earlier dream.

At the beginning of that report, made on January 16th of 2006, I mentioned a quick dream segment in which I was looking in a mirror and my reflection was out of sync, mocking me and so forth. I found it weird to read that bit because I had a very similar dream just a week ago. However, my approach in this latest dream was not so enlightened. Instead, I felt threatened and got angry and attacked my "fake" self I saw in the mirror (yeah, I know... like that isn't easy to figure out, huh?)

Anyway, back to the werebear!

As you can see-- 3 years ago I dreamt of a Werebear who became a "monster" type character, apparently eating other human dream characters, and I was running from it and figuring out ways to survive. The werebear, which first looked like a bear, and then like a werewolf, gave off a strange, supernatural, totem-like essence.

In the recent dream, I was at some cabin in the snowy, wintery woods visiting my mother and sister. They talked about how they had a "pet bear" and wanted to show it to me. I thought they were out of their minds, but went to look. To my astonishment, they were allowing it to run around mostly free. A dangerous bear!  It was a mother bear, too- with a single, female, cub. The cub was playful and cute, and for some reason, I quickly named her "Sugar" after I saw her, but the mother seemed rather friendly and dopey, as if still in partial hybernation. The mother bear kept coming up to me (mostly on my right side) and seemed to want to be close to me. I was VERY nervous, but tried not to show it, terrified I was going to get killed by this wild beast.

However, as the dream progressed, the ferocious bear showed me that she was actually very fond of me-- and my protector. She nuzzled me and leaned against me, all soft, warm, and furry, and I lost my fear completely and hugged and cuddled with her. We ran around on the snow in the woods together, along with Sugar-baby-bear, and had fun. I decided that the mother bear's name was really, "Angel," because that's what she was. (!) Before the dream ended, I got to see where Angel-bear used to live, in a small, chainlink cage, guarded by a man with a rifle. I stood by while I watched Angel transform into a werewolf type of creature (a Werebear, I guess) who was strong enough to bend steel and tear apart the cage. She snatched the rifle away from the man who tried to stop her from escaping and bulged her muscles out along her arms and legs as she bent it and threw it away. Then she proceeded to tear apart all the chainlink.

There she was, my Angel, a monster-- yet I no longer feared her. I knew she was my friend and was only standing by to assist should she need it. But she seemed only interested in freeing herself. She didn't even do anything to the rifle-man other than knock him aside.

Then my dream ended.

It was so odd, how deeply involved my emotions got in this dream, really getting attached to and bonding to this mother bear. And going from that stark fear to deep affection was a real trip, too. Even when she showed her "monster" side, I was okay with it. She was a protective mother figure, the way a mother is supposed to be-- in direct contrast to my own mother, who failed to protect me from an emotionally violent father, even when I begged her multiple times. Maybe Angel Bear came to fill that gap? I liked her and the dream a great deal. I even laughed to myself about how she killed stupid people who failed to help me (or refused to listen to me) in the previous dream after I woke up and thought about it.


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