Apr. 16th, 2015

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[Originally posted May 2008]

A person can directly confront all those issues piled up in the subconscious through dreaming. I took the term "Shadow" from a well-known archetype-- the Shadow is the part of us we suppress in order to get along with our world, our selves, and other human beings. Shadows are the result of SOME repeated message that told us "NO" to some past impulse, desire, or behavior. I realized that my Shadows actually live on in my dreams, and I met and spoke with many of them. I was intrigued to find that so many of them were healthier than I was! That made no sense if "Shadows" are supposed to be bad...

... but then I realized that it all depends upon the messages (and the messengers) that created the Shadows in the first place. Since a Shadow can only be created by a cast light, I named the personalities who personified the Programs of my past (thus creating the Shadows) "Rays." Rays also live on in our dreams as well, and I've had more problems with unhealthy Rays in my psyche than any Shadows.  Which makes sense given how I was raised-- not very well by alcoholic parents. And I was poor. And I was sickly. And I got picked on... Need I go on? That's a ton of crappy messages (which can become powerful enough to become automatic Programs) to create Rays from.

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