May. 21st, 2015

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[Originally posted Sep. 2007]

I had another interesting tidbit of dream that opened up yet more of my own subconscious symbolism. 

In the dream, I was a "tourist" with a bunch of white European-looking tourists, and we were in an airport customs check-in for-- get THIS-- NORTH KOREA! It began with me riding up an escalator, heading towards customs.

Naturally, I felt a little leery of visiting such a place, because my conscious-self was thinking of the actual North Korea and those poor people there living in hell, basically starving at the whim of a crazy child-man. However, I was there and decided to make the most of it. Afterall, I knew I was not out to cause trouble, just to hang out.

The airport was clean and almost deserted. I was surprised, but then I remembered hearing that they didn't have the energy or resources here (in the capital city) to employ many people. I looked out the 2 HUGE windows overlooking the city below, and noticed the few Asians watching us suspiciously. They were watching us, but seemed disinclined to bother us much. I spoke to an American guy who had lived there for a while, who said to be careful, though, because the North Koreans were always watching you and could still prevent you from going anywhere. 

The last part of the dream, I stopped by the gift shop, which seemed to be between the 2 huge windows. I saw a couple of Americans buying long swords for super cheap gifts to take home. I wondered that these North Korean people would let us buy WEAPONS here, but found a really neat short sword, etched with symbols, for myself in the process. I asked if I could buy it and the woman behind the counter had me read the little label-- it said that we could purchase weapons to take home with us as souveneirs, but that the "Minister of Defense" would naturally wonder WHY WEAPONS and would watch us much more carefully if we did this. At that point, the dream ended.

When I awoke, a lot of things came together for me. I've had a number of dreams with Asian looking people who don't speak my language very well. Eventually, I learned that these people represented MY IMMUNE SYSTEM and the areas where I ran into them represented the parts of my body where they could be found. I discovered, for instance, that the Asians in the subway systems and tunnels were the immune factors of my intestines. And, in those dreams, the place where THEY are is called "South Korea." Weird, huh? 

Now, I have this dream going UP an escalator, into a HUGE roomy AIRport with 2 giant windows, with a few Asian peoples, and it's called "NORTH Korea." I think I've just met the immune factors to my sinus cavities! The entrance/escalator was the NOSE. The windows were my EYES. The gift shop and big empty space my sinuses. There were very FEW immune factors there, and they seemed to lack energy. Which makes sense given that I had taken an allergy medication that day, which dried up my sinuses and lessened the immune response to allergens!

NOW that I understand these dreams... maybe the next time I dream of being in North Korea I can talk to my own immune factors representatives and TELL them that SOME tourists (things that come in the nose) are NOT "spies" (for the North Koreans were paranoid in my dream-- they over-reacted to things) but just harmless visitors. LIKE POLLEN AND MOLD SPORES (with their spikes or decorative swords!) 

So-- I had a dream explaining my own allergic reactions to things! If I could establish some communication with my OWN body DIRECTLY-- maybe I could really help my own health!

It's exciting to think about!


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