Jun. 4th, 2015

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[Original post Sep. 2008]

Had two very detailed and interesting dreams this morning that shifted one into another:

In both dreams, I was followed around by a sort of dream companion entourage that I kept an on-going dialog with as I went.

Dream 1: I was wandering a large, old, majestic mansion, going up a wide spiral stairwell and down long, wide hallways, talking to it's staff (and my entourage of aspects.) The news of the place was that a very wealthy older man, who used to be the owner, had died, and his widow was now taking over as it's owner. There was some controversy, because the staff had thought someone else would be in charge instead of her. There was someone who was not as worthy who wanted that power, but the widow was strong and she was prevailing, so HA HA! I saw the widow at one point, and she was a robust woman in her 50s, with bright red hair in a pompadour, wearing a long dark purple dress. I liked her immensely on sight.

For some reason, I was curious about seeing the furnace of the great mansion-- which was situated in a room in the middle of the house, not the basement like one would expect. I went to look at it, and the door to the balcony overlooking this great furnace room had a bright orange silhouette of a lion on it. I opened that door and was amazed at the glowing ember color of the furnace. It appeared empty except for a large pipeline going in and another large one going out. Each attached to very large, ring or washer-like structures. One of my aspects told me it was the "hearth" of the house. I listened in wonder to some great rushing sound coming from the deceptively simple looking furnace.

Interp: This could have been a life/mind dream, like most house dreams are, but several clues point to it's being about my body and health instead. The furnace and furnace-room are very obviously my heart. The "Lionheart" symbology and the purple clad widow with her Gibson-girl hairstyle fit this notion as well. The issues of the dream were about a "new boss" taking over who was presumed would be better than the old one (some physical glitch fixed?) and about who got to allocate resources (the $$ part of it.) The gossip my aspects told me was that the old man of the house didn't spend his money wisely, and neglected upkeep on the house. The widow, on the other hand, was expected to do better. This gives me hope that my health is going to stay on the upswing, and perhaps even improve.  In addition, I have a slight heart defect stemming from the same damage that my entire system has been reeling with since that initial bout of illness that nearly killed me at 13 and began my lifelong bout with CFIDS/REDD.

Dream 2: There was definitely a very similar theme resounding through all my dreams. This time, I found myself wandering, along with my entourage, through a very elaborate construction site of some sort of sophiticated high-rise. There were workmen everywhere in hard hats, busy building building building, with cranes and the whole bit. At one point, there was a break and a meeting called for all the workers, who found seats in these bleacher-like stands. I remained on the ground, and decided to see if I could find my good friend in the stands. He was one of the workers. A foreigner-- perhaps east Indian, perhaps South American, maybe even Rom-- it wasn't clear.

I called for him, "Salazan! Salazan!" and he called back and waved to me. He was wearing a bright orange coverall [orange again!] and had his hard hat and lunchbox with him. I was pleased to find him and ran over to greet him with fond affection. Apparently, he and I had met in previous dreams, and in the current dream I was able to recall this. He was considered to be a simple guy, but we just got along very well.

He told me he was unable to get to his wife, who was seated on the ground floor of the stands some distance away, hidden in the crowd, so would I find her for him and deliver a gift from him? He gestured to where his gift was, a very expensive handbag that only a very rich man could afford. What was this? I picked it up and then looked back at him, and he smiled and his eyes twinkled at me. I realized he was actually the owner of the building, the eccentric and wealthy man everyone had been wondering about. He had disguised himself as a simple worker to oversee the contruction details in person and in secret! Clever man!

I asked him how would I find her? He said her name was 'Salubriay' and she was a "hobbit-looking older woman." I smiled back and then headed across the arena to the where she would be. I called her name, along with several of my entourage, "Salubriay! Salubriaaay!"

That was when I saw a couple of women talk to a small old woman seated between them, who then pointed at me and apparently told her that I was calling her name. I approached and asked, "Salubriay?" and she nodded. As soon as she did, her two servants or helpers got up and left us some privacy. I handed her the expensive purse and told her it was from her husband, Salazan. She smiled warmly and nodded.

I came closer and introduced myself, "I'm Larissa," since I had been a friend to her husband for a while. She knew that name, and gave me a huge grin and said back to me in a thick accent, "Lah-REEZ-ah? OH!" and she put out her arms for a hug. I was delighted with her delight and hugged her back. I was so happy to meet her and we just kept hugging one another for a long time as movie reel crescendo music played in the background. This meeting was obviously supposed to be an important moment.

Then I awoke.

Interp: I got the distinct impression of repair as well as construction, and so I hope that once again this is boding well for my future health. The purse was almost more of a gift for me than for Salazan's wife, Salubriay [and what's with those names, anyway?] because it told me who he really was-- an aspect with some major power in my system. This was a new system I haven't yet explored. Given the girders, beams, smaller pipes, and legions of workers, I'm going to hazard the guess that this is about my lymph system. The people in charge of it are much older, I assume, because that aspect of our immune system, the part that makes anti-bodies, is much older than we are. I've been wanting to meet the aspects in charge of things like my immune system because I've been hoping to create a dialog and thus improve my health spiritually/physically, not just traditionally. Therefore, for them to "reveal" themselves to me was indeed a huge thing. I'm pleased to know that we can work together to improve my bodily system from both directions, as it were!

LATER NOTE: A friend pointed out to me that the word "Salubrious" means 'pertaining to good health'!!! I must have known that word at some point and forgotten it. SO-- that means that my interps seem to be hitting the mark!


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