Jun. 18th, 2015

tranquilityseekers: light being gifts (benevolence)
[Original post Dec. 2006]

As you may know, I'm really digging into my own subconscious baggage to resolve certain issues which still trip me up in my mature adult life. In the last month, I mentioned a dream which figured a military "spy" who was a "Major Ray"-- or programmed part of self from authority figures. It was interesting to discover that a Ray was like what some call a Superego, or parental Self, just like a Shadow is a part of what some would call an Id, or suppressed Self of selfish desires.

This morning, the next chapter was unveiled in a dream that I found quite elucidating!

There was a meeting held in a room, where representatives of the military (in my dreams, they represent "the system" or Rays) and several others were all together planning for an expedition. I was selected to be the "Prime Seeker." I felt flattered and also very responsible and mature-- and yet also excited like a child. A woman, dressed like a New Age Hippie, was given much honor as The Guide .  The image of an older brunette woman,  a seeming combination of the exotic Lena Olin and the comfortng Mimi Rogers (not Andie McDowell, who has also shown up as Guide in other dreams) was playing the part and I felt very safely nurtured with her. A door opened on the side of the meeting room, and several of us went out for the expedition. It was twilight, with a distant, burning sunset.  We traveled together on foot towards a gash in the side of a cliff. 

The Rays were complaining about my part as the Prime Seeker. The Guide insisted, however, though the military dudes were severely disapproving of that level of trust being shown in ME. We came to a steep slope that had to be climbed via a strong plastic net-ladder. It looked daunting, but somehow I knew I could do it in this dream-world, and up I went with little problem. The Guide approved and gave the Ray dudes a look like she knew I could do it. 

At the top, I looked around. The world was transformed. It was beautiful and in gorgeous, soft twilight, falling into night gently. It didn't look at all frightening, but rather fascinating. I was to go on alone, while they watched. The Guide handed me 4 necklaces. 3 with small, clear marbles that could glow, and the last was the same, only larger. When I traveled, each one would give light to help me see. But each would only last for a small period of time. That's why The Guide gave me 4 of them, to help me not be afraid of the dark. (Not that I was afraid at all at that point.) The Rays again waged a war of protest. They didn't think I deserved that much help! They thought 1 little orb necklace was more than enough. The Guide disagreed and handed me the necklaces that were just round pieces of glass until I needed to call upon some light to help me. I felt honored and very grateful to The Guide, and accepted them, and turned to face the Land of Night, determined.

And then I awoke.

This entire scenario makes total sense given what I'm doing. I'm intending on bringing to light the parts of myself that are still "stuck" and making me prone to depression. This dream indicates that I have friends (whether of my own mind or from actual spiritual guides) who will help me on my journey. Good to hear!~

LATER NOTE: This dream started an epic journey in some of my dreams that lasted years and is still ongoing!


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