Jun. 25th, 2015

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[Original post April 2007]

This morning I awoke from a very unusual type of dream for me-- it involved talking to totem animals in their spirit form. Later on, I realized that the symbolism matches a Guide dream, but it wasn't like any of the other Guide dreams. It was "shamanic" for lack of any other term. It was incredibly vivid and meaningful and it almost felt like I was in another world, not just dreaming.

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This is the first time in a couple years that I've spoken to Totem Spirit Animals in dreams-- which sucks, since I'm working with a Shawnee Medicine Woman. And before it was Raven & Wolf. This time, it was Crow & Fox. I don't quite get the significance of the switch. Except that Raven & Wolf were personal totems I worked with, and appeared as giant versions of the animals. They were individual spirits that worked with me on a intimate level. The Crow and Fox Spirits, however, appeared as more powerful Totemic gods, in robes with wands and emanating power. Also, I was unable to reach them without the help of the golden triangle with the purple eye dolmen-- obviously a reference to the psychic 3rd eye.

I can't quite interpret this yet-- since I'm still pondering it and thinking it over. At least it appears I was able to access my 3rd eye to reach the Totem Spirits, and when Crow gave me a task, I was able to accomplish it. Hopefully, this means I earned more answers in upcoming dreams. I thought it was odd that the red Fox spirit was protecting children in a barn. Not what you'd expect, eh? I think he was a Totem for all those red-headed kids. All were clever, all were in abusive or dangerous situations, and all were in pajamas-- so I think he was protecting them in their dreams. I got the feeling that this was a cross-over dream, where maybe a dozen kids or so suddenly had a woman with long red hair come in and help out their pal, the Fox! I would think the children were aspects of ME, and maybe they are, except I don't recall meeting Fox before or doing any work with him whatsoever.

LATER NOTE: Now that my Dreamquest is going, I've learned a lot. All those kids were aspects of myself. Child aspects being protected (they were getting hunted down and murdered by my father in other dreams). There was an obvious symbolism pointing to the 3rd eye mental/psychic chakra, which is purple or violet. (The whole "indigo" thing is a western affectation, and the 7th crown chakra is SILVER/reflective.) These beings I now think were Guides. Why animals? Well-- why not?


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